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Bodø 200 years in 2016

Welcome to Bodø!

Bodø turns 200 years in 2016, and we welcome you to join us in this year-long celebration.

Bodø’s birthday is only one day, May 20th, but we have decided to celebrate all year long. There will be art exhibitions, concerts, sporting events, book launches, conferences, historic lectures, festivals and many, many other things.

The year is divided into 8 different seasons based on the Sami calendar. Each season with it's own topic. We are sure you will find something you like, regardless of the season. 

If you are just visiting Bodø, or you live here, 2016 is a year you don’t want to miss.

So come on, join us in creating history!

Bodø 2016

Bodø by fyller 200 år 20. mai 2016. Det er planlagt et helt jubileumsår med masse arrangementer og prosjekter. 

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